Lush Cosmetics produces a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products, all of which are vegetarian or vegan. From creams to soaps to shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and other facial cosmetics, the Lush catalog covers every facet of the cosmetics and personal care game.

    • Lush Hair Damaged Hot Oil Treatment

      195 DH 146 DH

      Nourishes dry hair If your hair is damaged, add this hot oil treatment to your hair care routine. Melt the ...

    • Lush Doctor Hair Hot Oil Treatment

      195 DH 146 DH

      Exactly what the doctor recommends Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! Treat yours with our revitalizing treatment ...

    • Lush H'Suan Wen Hua (225g)

      360 DH 270 DH

      Supreme food for stretched hair It is not necessary to know how to pronounce his name, you only need to know how to use it for a treatment ...

    • Lush Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment

      195 DH 146 DH

      Blond as Wheat Prevent blonde hair (natural or discolored) from becoming yellowish with our beautiful whitening treatment with hot oil. Chamomile ...

    • Lush Nine Hot Oil Treatment

      195 DH 146 DH

      Back to basics Our hot spicy oil treatment stimulates sleepy scalps. Olive oils and jojoba moisturize the hair, ...

    • Lush Yuge Hot Oil Treatment

      195 DH 146 DH

      More than just volume Turn up the volume (capillary) and scent your hair with an explosive and refreshing scent of spearmint. Sea salt ...

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