• Tarte Cosmetics Better Bod Bronzer & Contour (140ml)

      R$ 238 R$ 161

      A body tan mat and waterproof. Get an instant tan and sexier skin on demand with this body tan ...

    • Brazilliance PLUS + Self Tanning Cosmetics Tart (165ml)

      R$ 238 R$ 161

      A infused skincare version of the self tanning pie with a custom application glove. Imitate a tan back with this version ...

    • VICTORIA'S SECRET Insta Bronze All-over Airbrush Spray

      R$ 118 R$ 89

      A temporary golden goddess, a tan of one night. This continuous spray mist instantly creates a gilded bronze without any traces while scrambling ...

    • VICTORIA'S SECRET Leg Lust Perfecting Leg Shine

      R$ 118 R$ 89

      Define and highlight the key to killer legs. This gel-lotion slightly dye gives you legs for days. The pearls of gold ...

    • VICTORIA'S SECRET Tan Perfect Tan Tan Self Lotion

      R$ 103 R$ 77

      Perfect Tan Self-Tanning Milk Perfect Tan A glow to build and sunny for a perfect tan. The smooth silky formula evenly and absorbs quickly for ...

    • VICTORIA'S PINK PINK Bronze Athon Bronzing Oil (250mL)

      R$ 0

      Tanning on demand. Shiny skin with instant and sunny shimmer. The hue without engagement disappears when the night is over. INTRODUCING ...

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